edmonton financial controller

What does an Edmonton financial controller do?

In financial departments, the financial controller is an increasingly sought-after figure. But what exactly is a financial controller and what functions do they perform at the company?

The main task of a financial controller is to manage and oversee the accounting and financial information of the company. Although this role is not about making accounting entries but rather managing, monitoring, and analyzing internal controls of a company used by company management when making strategic decisions. In addition, financial controllers help create accounting policies and procedures while obtaining the highest degree of accuracy and up to date information. This information is used to create and follow up with the company’s vision and objectives, particularly in terms of budget, projects, in the different departments, etc. 

Therefore, it is a role that is crucial and has influence over the direction of the company and the operations. Financial controllers play a coordinating role between the company’s management and the financial department, but we also act as a liaison with the external accountants, lawyers, accounting departments of business partners or even with banks with which the company operates.

A good financial controller must be a person capable of assuming responsibilities, a top leader, with communication skills and a meticulous nature, who must know the company inside out.

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